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South London and Surrey Ex BT Engineer

Contact an ex BT engineer covering South London and Surrey today
We can help at a fraction of the cost of BT
Your local Ex BT engineer
If you need:
sockets moved
Master sockets shifted
New cabling
Crackling noisy telephone lines
Cables refitted
Alarm dialler points
Care lines
Data links, Cat5e / Cat6 cabling
Broadband problems resolved

Any telecoms issue please call: 07825855294 Peter

Save on expensive Service Provider charges.



Why Choose an Ex BT engineer

Ex BT Openreach Engineer – Peter – an experienced equipped telephone engineer.
Broadband, telephone, data  and internet engineer .
25 Years Service with BT  Openreach
Surrey South & SE London Kent Sussex Hampshire
Call 07825855294  –  Peter

No job too small – Let me work on your telephone wiring as I give 100% dedication to any communication problem that may be affecting your service


Installation  fault location & repair of  telephone cabling .
IPTV Installation . Save hundreds of pounds on satellite and cable TV.
Data Cabling & sockets for Computers, IPTV ,etc .
WiFi Boosters & Extenders.
Master telephone socket installation and relocation.
Install a test socket so that you can determine if the fault is with you or your provider.
Should you need help with Broadband & Fibre Broadband
set up, configuration & speed testing
Call your local ex BT engineer


ex BT engineer

Sky Router

Telephone Engineer Surrey

We investigate telephone wiring faults and repair. Extra sockets professionally installed. We resolve all telephone issues.
All wiring problems diagnosed and repaired. All telephone works carried out.
Fitting by a qualified telephone engineer Surrey.

Broadband Engineer Surrey

Broadband specialists are available in Surrey with over a decade of experience, using industry approved high speed broadband testers.

Essex Telephone Engineers are probably by far the most experienced telephone and broadband specialists in Surrey.

A large number of Surrey based computer services use and recommend us for broadband improvements.

All your cabling needs from one company in Surrey
For the most consistent speed broadband should  be wired from the master socket
An NTE5 with the appropriate Filter Plate, (this is not supplied by the Service Provider).


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